The Heliport in Chaguaramas.

The Chaguaramas Heliport has been closed to visitors after a Venezuelan migrant being housed there tested positive for COVID-19.

The development means that all persons who interacted with and visited the migrant and Venezuelans held at the facility will now have to be tested and take the necessary steps in accordance with accepted health protocols.

In a statement yesterday, the T&T Defence Force said on Sunday (November 29), a group of Venezuelan migrants were caught illegally entering the country, detained and taken to the Heliport base.

It said all migrants were tested for the virus and when the results came in, one tested positive. The Defence Force said the individual, whose gender and age was withheld, was isolated in the infirmary.

It explained that in keeping with COVID protocols, everyone who was a primary contact of the migrant must now be considered as COVID-positive and will be quarantined for 14 days.

The Defence Force did not elaborate on if soldiers and military personnel were also part of the primary contacts. It added that anyone who visited the Heliport to see the migrants may also be at risk and should consider themselves primary contacts and take the necessary steps to get tested.

The Heliport will now be closed to visitors and those wishing to see the migrants because of the COVID-19 positive case.