Members of the A-Team Band and Dev carry lumber to the family home.

Innis Francis

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After reading the story in the Trinidad Guardian of inhumane conditions of the family of seven who lived at Sunrees Road, Penal, Seon Isaacs, the husband and manager of soca artiste Lil Bitz alongside Devon “Dev” Harris and Swappie pooled his resources and yesterday denoted over $3,000 in material and food supply.

Ramrajee Chance, 37, and her husband Fazard Mohammed, 56, with their children were filled with gratitude that in the end, they sang thanks with a string of hymns.

Also forming part of the joint effort were Zarin Morean manager of the A-Team band and Derrol Sanchez.

Isaacs said it was overwhelming to see the conditions that the children were placed under and the fact that there were still families living under these conditions were surprising.

Isaacs said, “I’ve been on a drive for different families. It is just unfortunate because there are a lot of kids involved. It is a tough situation. We pooled together some friends and we were able to help and to sustain them for a while. Our intention is to keep abreast with family and see how best we can lift them out of this situation.”

The popular promoter called on other corporate citizens to render support to them and families in similar situations. He said the best anybody can do for any family is to be their brother’s keeper.

Both Chance and Mohammed, were home to receive the contribution that was made to them. The couple said since the recent flooding they lost everything and were clueless about a new start on life.

The couple and six of their seven children live in a small wooden house with no electricity and a barely furnished home in the area.

Chance said Mohammed was unable to work as an upholstery technician because of arthritis in the knees. She said she stretches the monthly public assistance she receives for five of the children, but many times the groceries ran out.

Chance said she signed up for a food card but she is yet to receive one.