Owner and Founder of Noah Simmons Foundation, Aneiasha Blackburn- Gunness helps John Carl Mitchell to eat his sandwich.

Help is pouring in for elderly, bedridden couple Carl Mitchell, 65 and Meena Samuel, 56, who were evicted from their Sou-Sou Lands rented apartment on April 12.

Guardian Media highlighted their plight on Tuesday.

Since then, concerned citizens and well-wishers have been providing assistance in the form of food, adult diapers, a stove, fridge and cash.

Good Samaritan Lizzy Harry, who got actively involved in helping the couple, said Mitchell and Samuel do not need any more help at the moment. She said most of the cash from donations had gone directly to the couple’s landlord to offset the $2,500 monthly rental at Andrew Trace, Darryl Spring.

Harry said she is extremely grateful to all those who rushed to help the elderly couple.

Guardian Media understands the Tobago House of Assembly’s Social Services Department visited the couple this week to assess their situation for a permanent solution.

That includes permanent residential care and medical help. The couple, who receive a disability cheque, is also expected to be given food cards.

On Monday night, the couple, who allegedly owed their landlords $9,000 in rental fees, was thrown out on the street from the apartment at 5 pm.

Mitchell, who is wheelchair-bound and Samuel, who cannot walk with help, remained on the sidewalk until after 11 pm, when Harry got help from volunteers to transport them to an apartment.