Heritage Petroleum says it is investigating an oil spill in Woodland. This follows reports from fishermen who say they noticed the spill four days ago and warned it could worsen. On Wednesday, they noticed dead caiman and oysters covered in oil.  

In a statement, the company said it received reports of an oil spill in the vicinity of New Cut Channel, Woodland. “Company officials were immediately dispatched to the site and quickly determined that the spill was emanating from its 16-inch Trunk Pipeline. The pipeline was isolated and is in the process of being clamped,” the company stated.  

The company assured it was mobilizing the necessary resources “including the services of specialized oil spill response contractors to clean up the affected areas.” It also said booms were being deployed along the Godineau River to restrict further spread.  

According to the statement, ongoing surveillance is taking place to ensure the totality of the spill is contained. The company has also alerted the Ministry of Energy, the Environmental Management Authority and the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA). 

Reporter: Khamal Georges