The oil slick covering several boats belonging to fishermen from the Fullarton Fishing Association, on Friday morning. Image courtesy Shankar Teelucksingh, Councillor for Cedros.

Heritage Petroleum Company Limited has launched an investigation into the source of a possible oil spill in the Cedros area.

Fishermen at Fullerton Village awoke this morning to discover that an oil slick had covered their boats and anchor ropes, as well as covered the beach itself, in patches.

In an official release on the matter, Heritage Petroleum says even though the source of the oil has not yet been determined, it will be doing its part to investigate the incident, and help the community deal with the impact.

The full text of the statement from Heritage Petroleum, follows…


This morning, Friday 21st August 2020, Cedros fishermen reported small intermittent patches of crude oil being visible along the Fullerton Village Beach.

Notwithstanding the fact that the source of the oil has not yet been attributed to any particular operator, Heritage Petroleum Company Limited, as the major oil producer on the West Coast of Trinidad and a conscientious corporate citizen, has voluntarily responded to reduce any impact this may have on the environment and the community.

Investigations are ongoing to determine the source of the oil.

The Ministry Energy and Energy Industry has been informed and is on site with Heritage incident management personnel.