High Court Judge, Justice Frank Seepersad.

High Court judge Frank Seepersad yesterday received a letter containing a 9mm bullet and a warning that he should resign or the bullet would look ‘good’ between his eyes.

In a police report made shortly after the incident, Seepersad said he returned to his home in South Trinidad shortly before 1 pm after adjudicating a civil matter at the San Fernando High Court.

His personal security detail accompanied him both to the trial and back to his house.

On arriving at the residence, the officer took two white envelopes from the mailbox in front of the house into Seepersad’s kitchen, where the envelopes were opened by Seepersad.

One letter contained a credit card statement. However, the other letter had a 9mm bullet and a handwritten note.

Police said the note was written on a red triangular piece of wet paper and said, “You R A HOL Racist A Infidel, A evil maN Fed up of U ResigN OK shot call THis would look nice betweeN your Eyes.”

There was also writing around the bullet but police were unable to decipher what was written.

The envelope and its contents were handed over to Ag Cpl Taikan and have been taken for analysis.

The envelope bore a TTPost stamp from its Dabadie outlet and was addressed to Seepersad. Police checked CCTV footage from around Seepersad’s home and also spoke to neighbours but said no useful information was forthcoming.

Ag Sgt Sobie is continuing investigations.

Seepersad is no stranger to threats on his life.

On December 29, 2019, he told Guardian Media that he has been constantly threatened since 2013 but in recent times those threats had intensified. Two days before on December 27, he had received a handwritten note and a bullet in the mail, similar to yesterday’s incident. At that time, Seepersad said he lives in faith, trusting in God and the T&T Police Service.