A T&TEC crew works to disconnect power to Nola Carter’s home, which had its roof blown off during a bout of high winds in Manzanilla yesterday.

Gusty winds during a torrential downpour yesterday ripped to roofs off two homes in Manzanilla.

However, Nola Carter and Keron Ramsingh were thanking God that they only suffered damage to their properties as it could have been worse.

Carter, 77, a pensioner of Church Street, lost her entire house roof during an episode of high winds around 4.15 am and all her household items were also soaked by the rain.

Around the same time, Ramsingh, of Eastern Main Road, lost part of his roof.

Carter told Guardian Media she was awakened by a rattling noise, observed her curtains spinning and then heard a loud crashing sound. She was soon being wet from the rain and looked up[ to realise her roof was missing.

Her daughter and granddaughter were sound asleep and she had to rush to their bedroom to wake them before they all ran out of the house.

Carter suffered a minor injury to her leg from a piece of wood that hit her but thanked God no one was seriously injured.

Ramsingh and his wife were also awakened by loud noise before realising part of their roof had been blown away. No one was injured but the inside of his house was flooded out and household items were soaked.

When Guardian Media visited the area yesterday, a T&TEC crew was on hand disconnecting the electricity to carry out repairs to damaged lines.

Villagers said the high winds had trees swaying and made a whistling sound as it blew through the village, leading some of them to believe it may have been a whirlwind.

Sangre Grande Regional Corporation chairman Anil Juteram, Manzanilla councillor Kenwyn Phillip and PNM alderman Ronnie Lochan visited the affected resident and made arrangements to help the affected families.

Neighbours, friends and family were also seen busy assisting with covering the houses with tarpaulin so that cleaning could take place.