A group of people at Maracas Bay yesterday.

Hundreds of people flocked to Maracas Bay yesterday on the Spiritual Shouter Baptist holiday.

Guardian Media Limited visited the beach yesterday where scores of people could be seen enjoying the beach. Beachgoers could be seen playing football, relaxing on the beach and liming in large groups.

With the Easter holiday long weekend coming up, more people are expected to crowd the nation’s beaches in the coming days.

In a press conference last Saturday, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley warned the public to not behave irresponsibly. His comments came after 115 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded last week alone.

“I am appealing to the population, in your attempt to enjoy the post-pandemic prematurely, or just to be generally irresponsible and genuinely destructive, think about what you are risking when you feel you have to go bar-hopping or hug your friends you have a drink with in a restaurant that is not supposed to be serving alcohol. Just think about the national drawback,” the prime minister said.

He also called on the leadership of the country to influence others to behave responsibly.

Rowley warned that anyone congregating in groups of more than ten will face the risk of arrest as he called on the police to strictly enforce public health guidelines.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has also warned that police officers will be out in their numbers over the holiday long-weekend to prevent people from flouting COVID-19 regulations.