Roughly five people were arrested for various weapons related offences as a result of police exercises conducted on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 February 2020.

A homeless man was shot dead in St Joseph sometime before midday yesterday. The body of Ronald Stuart, 44, was found along Railway Road, St. Joseph, at around 11.30 am. Police were told Stuart, who had no fixed address, was seen arguing with someone earlier in the day. His suspected killer was seen fleeing the scene moments after the shooting.

Stuart was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex at Mount Hope, where he died.

In an unrelated incident, Central Division officers are awaiting the results of the post mortem on Vicki Baldeo to determine if his death will be treated as a homicide.

Baldeo was hospitalised after being hit by a car along Scott Street, Enterprise, on Carnival Tuesday. He died at hospital late on Wednesday night.

However, Baldeo was struck by the vehicle after being involved in a brawl that night. He was reportedly attempting to flee multiple attackers when he stepped into the roadway where he was hit.

He had been severely beaten in the fracas and police are awaiting the autopsy results to determine the exact cause of death.

Four men have been detained by police in connection with the matter.