Dr Roshan Parasram, Chief Medical Officer.

The daily average of COVID-19 cases has decreased over the current period of restrictions and the Ministry of Health is hoping the trend continues by the end of this week. If it does, this could mean some respite for bars, restaurants and religious organisations could come on Saturday when the Prime Minister announces the way forward as the current restrictions expire.

Speaking during a virtual press conference on Wednesday, Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram indicated that the latest figures for last week indicate a daily case average of around 30- down from the previous week’s.

“Last week’s average of about 30 to 32 per day. The week prior to that we had, if you recall, we had somewhere around 52 cases to 53 cases. So there has been a reduction. We’re hoping to see that trend continuing to the rest of the week and we’d have a better idea on Saturday thereabouts what happens this particular week,” Dr Parasram explained.

When Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley announced the current period of restrictions two weeks ago on October 10, he indicated that some leniency to operate could be given to some sectors once there was no significant spike in cases over the period.
“If there is no significant upward tick in our concentration of levels now, by the 24th of this month- we should be able to make the changes that would bring back activities into the two areas I just mentioned- churches and other places of worship and we can do a bit more for bars and restaurants,” he said.

“Hopefully by the end of the month, certainly by the 24th which is two Saturdays from now, when I will join you again and hopefully if what we have managed to accomplish in the last month which is to dull the spike and see a downturn in the numbers then we should be able to add a bit more in these…areas which I’ve mentioned.

Reporter: Rishard Khan