Susamachar Presbyterian Church members, Raymond Ramsingh, Rev Letra Jacob, Edison Jaggernath and sponsors Simon Alexander and his wife Sherry stand by the Creche at the church.

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December is here and the first Advent candle has been lit at the Susamachar Presbyterian Church in the leadup to Christmas.

Making a stirring appeal for citizens to look out for each other, Rev Letra Jacob said despite the gloom of 2020, there was still hope for the future.

She explained that every week a different coloured candle will be lit, culminating with the celebration of Christmas.

“This first candle is a candle of hope and it is our prayer that the people of the world will know there is hope in this dark world,” she said.

She noted that the creche could not be opened with the usual pomp and celebration because of the pandemic.

“We are following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and we want to take care of our membership,” she said. She noted that a full church service was held and attendance was at 50 per cent.

Jacob also said she wanted citizens to take more care of each other.

“Despite all that is happening, I hope that people will look out for each other in a good way. Let us look out for the interests of the elderly, take care of the children, be watchful for our women and men, especially because abuse of women is so high in our land,” she said.

She noted that since the lockdown, the church’s finances have been affected as well as the elderly.

“They have not been able to come out and we have not able to visit them because as ministers we also have to be careful. Physical contact is what we miss but we know why we have to be careful even though Church attendance has been sorely affected,” Jacob added.

Despite the negative impact of COVID-19, Jacob said it was important for citizens to rally around each other and show support and concern.