UNC Saddam Hosein enbrasse a supporter at his Office on El Socorro last night.

Derek Achong

Newly elected Barataria/San Juan MP Saddam Hosein says that his constituency should no longer be considered marginal.

Addressing supporters at his campaign office at El Socorro Road in El Socorro last night, Hosein, who by all indications secured the seat for the United National Congress (UNC) by a convincing majority, suggested that the party’s success in securing the seat in the past three general elections meant that it is now a “safe seat”.

“You have proven yourself today and ensured the seat of Barataria/San Juan remains in the house of the rising sun,” Hosein said to a large crowd of his supporters.

Questioned about his resounding success in his first foray into the national elections, the former Opposition Senator claimed that it was due to the hard work of him and his campaign team.

“We walked this constituency about two to three times and we ensured that we met and listened to all the people of Barataria/San Juan. We ran a very clean campaign,” Hosein said.

Asked his plans for the constituency considering his party’s eventual apparent defeat in the keenly contested poll, Hosein said he had presented a local manifesto with short, medium and long term plans mainly aimed at raising the standard of living of his constituents.

“I campaigned on a plan and I will ensure that we stick to that plan for all the people of Barataria/San Juan,” he said.

Shortly after the close of polling stations at 6 pm, Hosein’s office was a hive of activity with dozens of his supporters and campaign staff gathering inside and lining the street outside.

The party-like atmosphere continued well into the night but had pause continuously as police led by Supt Roger Alexander repeatedly called on supporters to practice social distancing as prescribed under ongoing COVID-19 regulations.

However, cheers and smiles quickly faded as the sound system began to broadcast Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s victory speech.

When a news team from Guardian Media made its way to the campaign office for People’s National Movement (PNM) candidate Jason Williams, he was being consoled by scores of his supporters who were also celebrating the party’s reported victory.

Williams graciously accepted defeat but said that he was happy to he chose to participate.

“ I believe in life it is better to give it the shot and know in your heart what the outcome would have been instead of saying no and just continue with your routine and not putting yourself in this particular area for people to judge you,” Williams said.

Williams also repeatedly thanked his campaign team especially his campaign manager Davlin Thomas.

“I am proud that I had the belly and backbone to step forward and do it my way with class, quality, no character assassinations, and bacchanal. I personally believe that I would have been a great representative for the area. I would have given it my heart and soul because that is what I do,” Williams said.

Using an example of a constituent who threatened him on a walkabout, last week, Williams said that the current combative political system in the country needed to change.

“I have found that we have allowed politics and this process to turn us into something subhuman. It is unfortunate,” he said.

Williams said that his first activity now that the campaigning is over would be to go to Maracas Bay to relax on the beach and eat a bake and shark.