Minister of Rural Development Kazim Hosein says that Disaster Management Units have already mobilised to clear debris and sediment following flash flooding in Port of Spain and Environs today. The following is a press release from Minister of Rural Development Kazim Hosein

Excessive rainfall in the Port-of-Spain, Maraval and St. Anns regions today resulted in flash flooding, heavy sediments and debris being brought down by the hydro meteorological event. The Minister of Rural Development and Local Government, Senator the Honourable Kazim Hosein assures the public that the Disaster Management Units have already mobilised to clear the debris and sediments.

The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS) indicated that the adverse weather activity began at 3:00pm today (Tuesday 3rd August, 2021) and lasted for approximately forty five (45) minutes during which time roadways were rendered impassable due to street flooding and high amounts of rubble.

Disaster Management reports indicated the following activity associated with the adverse weather system:

Street flooding in the Port-of Spain region in the areas of

  *   City Gate
  *   Western Main Road
  *   Sea Lots
  *   Nelson Street
  *   Mucurapo Road
  *   Ethel Street
  *   Long Circular Road
  *   Upper Bournes Road

 Street flooding in the Diego Martin region in the areas of

  *   Saddle Road
  *   Andalusia
  *   La Seiva

 Street flooding in the San Juan/Laventille region in the areas of

  *   St. Ann’s
  *   Cascade

Fortunately, there have been no reports of injury or residential flooding at this time.

Earlier today, Minister Hosein issued a call to all Corporations that were not impacted to adopt an “all-of-corporation” approach to ensure that their fellow Corporations which were affected receive the assistance needed by means of equipment and relief supplies.

Equipment and resources from the various Municipal Corporations, CEPEP and the Ministry of Works and Transport have already been mobilized to assist with clearing of debris and sediments caused by the heavy rainfall.

The Ministry advises that its Disaster Management personnel stand ready and equipped to mobilize and coordinate in the event of flooding and any other hazards. Citizens are reminded to be prepared, stay updated and to contact their respective Disaster Management Unit for sandbags if needed prior to the adverse weather system.