The skull and bones found in Allen Road, Tabaquite yesterday.

Five days after police discovered two sets of unidentified remains in East Trinidad, the skeletal remains of what appeared to be a human skull and other bones were recovered by homicide investigators in Central Trinidad yesterday morning.

Rudrunath Ramrattan, 48, and his co-worker, both farmers were loading yams onto their vehicle when they stumbled upon the human remains in a clearing some 20 feet off Alleyne Road, in Brasso Venado, Tabaquite.

The find was made shortly after 10 am and Ramrattan said he later contacted the police.

“It was very frightening for us and the neighbours. People were asking me if it was a dog. I said no it had a dead dog next to the body but there was a skull and then the rest of the body or bones a little way off near the clothes,” Ramrattan told Guardian Media who visited the area.

Near the remains there was a purple cloth and what appeared to be dark coloured pants.

Within an hour of the discovery, homicide detectives arrived on the scene and secured the remains that were later taken to the Forensic Science Centre.

A senior investigator who spoke to Guardian Media said from what he saw he was “quite certain that it was a human, and it seems the skull looked like it had some damage to it.”

Investigators say they will be poring over several ‘missing persons’ reports in the coming days with the hope they can pinpoint to some accuracy who the person could possibly be as they await results from tests to be performed.

Investigators say if anyone has any information that can assist them they can contact the Chaguanas Police Station.

One villager said the find had left him perturbed.

“I live along this road and it’s a very lonely road and in the night we have seen several strange vehicles passing here that not from the area. I know it can’t be someone from the area,” the villager said with conviction.

It was a sentiment also echoed by Ramrattan who spoke at his home not far from where the remains were found.

“I know it don’t have anybody missing from around here. It have to be somebody who they bring from outside and throw here,” he said.

Ramrattan said a man’s body was found several years ago about a quarter-mile away from where these remains were found, but that body appeared to have been fresh and was found partially decomposed “with skin still on it.”

Following the discovery of Andrea Bharatt’s body last Wednesday in the Heights of Aripo off a precipice, police again visited the area two days later where remains were found in a garbage bag.

They returned on Sunday and recovered what appeared to be human bones in two locations.

Two of the suspects in Bharatt’s death died days apart after, allegedly having been beaten in police custody as claimed by one of the men’s relatives. Two other suspects, a male and female, remain in police custody.

Source say they are still awaiting instructions from the DPP as to how to proceed in the matter.