A member of the Blessing Flower TT speaks about her experience in the scheme.

Despite the numerous warnings against getting involved in get-quick-rich schemes, hundreds of people have lost their $3,500 investments in a pyramid scheme allegedly run by police officers.

Several of the members of the Blessing Flower TT group say they are desperate to get their money back before the Christmas season.

One member, who “invested” $9,500 in total, visited Guardian Media’s headquarters in Port-of-Spain yesterday after trying unsuccessfully to file a police report at the Central Police Station. She said a $3,500 “investment” promised a return of $21,000 while a $2,500 investment promised a return of $16,000.

She said two of the three administrators of the group are serving police officers.

“I went there and I told the officer by the front desk what is the situation, why I was there, she said well what you come here for? What you want us to do? Tell them to give you back your money? I said I think the thing for me to do is to make a report. She sent me to another officer, his attitude was very arrogant and he said I have to make a report at San Juan station because it happened in that district,” she said.

She said she left the police station disappointed and dejected.

But she is determined not to give up.

“Because they are police, their biggest thing is intimidation, I am not taking intimidation, you will give me back my friends and my family money.”

She said one of the administrators blamed the legal woes of the Drugs Sou Sou (DSS) group for the failure of the blessing flower.

She said after she spoke out several times in the group’s telegraph chat, she was told her money will be refunded.

But she has to wait until September 2021.

“She hasn’t given any reason, all she said was because of what happened with DSS everything slowed down, that’s her excuse.”

For the past several months, there have been warnings from the Central Bank, the Financial Intelligence Unit, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, National Security Minister Stuart Young and Police Commissioner Gary Griffith have all warned the public against investing in pyramid schemes.

The San Juan woman is now adding her voice to that chorus, as she gave this advice, “Do not take the chance, it is not worth the risk. You will lose your money.”

Griffith told Guardian Media yesterday he cannot comment yet on this issue.