A man who broke into an elderly woman’s home amid repeated appeals to stay home to reduce the spread of COVID-19 will now be on total lockdown for the next year and a half.

Lawrence Bowen, 37, of San Fernando, will spend that time doing hard labour after he was sent to jail by San Fernando Senior Magistrate Jo-Anne Connor.

Appearing before the magistrate via video conference yesterday, Bowen pleaded guilty to burglary.

He claimed that he broke into the home of the 80-year-old woman because he was hungry.

Presenting evidence of what transpired, prosecutor Cleyon Seedan said around 10 pm, the elderly woman secured her home at St Joseph Street, San Fernando and went to sleep.

She was awakened around 11.15 pm by loud sounds.

Upon investigating, she was confronted by Bowen who pointed a trowel at her and demanded, “Way the money, way the money.”

The elderly woman was fearful for her life. Bowen then grabbed her gold-coloured costume chain valued $20 and her $1,500 tablet which were on a bedroom table.

He then ran out of the open front door.

The victim contacted 999 Emergency and reported the incident.

PC Harricharan was on patrol on Rushworth Street when he arrested the accused in connection with another matter.

He subsequently responded to the woman’s report and while speaking to her she pointed to Bowen who was in the police vehicle and said, “That is the man who was just in my house.”

Bowen claimed he “just wanted something to eat.”

The police found the chain in his pants pocket. He was taken to the Mon Repos Police Station where he was charged by PC Ramdass.

Bowen who had 21 previous convictions for various offences was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.