Hunters sit at the side of the road in the heights of Aripo where kidnapped victim Andrea Bharatt was found yesterday.

A hunters’ search and rescue team which was called into action to assist in finding then-missing person Andrea Bharatt, is one year later continuing their work in searching for missing people.

The group will be celebrating its first anniversary today.

One year ago, hunters gathered at 7 am at the Sangre Grande Police Station, following a request by the T&T Police Service to assist in the search for Bharatt.

The hunters, quickly assigned Vallence Rambharat as their captain, to lead the team.

Following this search, the hunters decided to continue on as Hunters Search and Rescue Team and just mere days after, the Team was called into action, to work with law enforcement, in an Operation dubbed “Aripo Sweep,” to thoroughly search the Heights of Aripo.

During the past year, the team conducted 40 missions—38 in Trinidad and two in Tobago.

Using the motto, “Closure Matters” the team said their mission remains to respond quickly to families whose loved ones go missing.

The team currently comprises 25 members, 22 in Trinidad and three in Tobago. There are 21 males and four females and they say training and planning are at the forefront of their activities.

The team remains largely self-funded and has vowed to continue to provide services free of charge to the citizens of T&T.