The Sangre Grande Police Station, where the hunters joined the Joint Army-Police Patrol involved in the search for kidnap victim, Andrea Bharatt. (Image: ABRAHAM DIAZ)

Hunters have been given the all-clear by Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith to assist the police in their continued search for 23-year-old Andrea Bharatt, who was kidnapped last Friday and has not been seen since.

Early this morning, hunters from across Trinidad, some with their hunting dogs, met up at the Sangre Grande Police Station and joined police in their search in the same area of Nonpariel Road, Fishing Pond, Sangre Grande.

Close to 50 police and army officers spent several hours on Monday at the same location, combing through miles of the forested area in search of any clues that would bring them closer to finding Andrea Bharatt.

However, after nearly six hours of searching on Monday, they came up empty-handed.

They have since returned to the same area, according to a senior officer, with the hope of finding anything that can assist in determining the missing woman’s whereabouts.

Andrea Bharatt was kidnapped last Friday in Arima, mere minutes after leaving the Arima Magistrate’s Court, to go to her home in a taxi.  She went into the taxi with a female co-worker who was dropped off in the Cleaver Heights area.

The driver and another man were in the car with Andrea, who has not been seen since.

Over the weekend, police held five suspects from East Trinidad for questioning into her disappearance.