Seedlings at the Agricultural Services Division (ASD). (Image courtesy Ministry of Agriculture)

Persons desirous of growing their own food will have an opportunity to get free seedlings, seeds and plant cuttings to get them started, tomorrow, Sunday 22 August 2021.

The group Hunters United has teamed up with the Ministry of Agriculture for a distribution exercise between 8 am and Noon tomorrow, at the Ministry’s office in Chaguanas.

Hunters United says approximately 50,000 seedings, pre-packaged seeds, as well as cassava sticks, dasheen, pineapple, sweet potato and coconut plants will be distributed to members of the public for free.

To reduce possible transmission of COVID-19, a drive through, pick-up-and-go system is being implemented, in addition to strict observance of all COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Acting Minister of Agriculture, Senator Kazim Hosein, Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture Senator Avinash Singh, and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Susan Shurland, are expected to open the event at 800 am.