A school damaged by Hurricane Elsa in St Lucia, yesterday.

Feeder band activity is forecast to taper off today for Trinidad and Tobago as Hurricane Elsa leaves behind a trail of destruction across the Lesser Antilles as it makes its way further up the Caribbean.

However, the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service maintains an Adverse Weather Alert (Yellow Level) for this country through 12:00 pm today and a Localized Flood Alert (Yellow Level) through 6:00 pm.

Yesterday Hurricane Elsa battered the Lesser Antilles as it briskly moved through the region.

Elsa rapidly intensified from a tropical storm on Thursday night into a Category One hurricane yesterday morning as it moved just south of Barbados.

Barbados was lashed with sustained winds in excess of 100 KM/H and gusts to 140 KM/H. According to Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley, the island sustained “significant damage” with approximately 177 damaged roofs and seven houses completely collapsed based on initial assessments.

Elsa continued to intensify as it moved to the west-northwest at an unusually swift pace for a hurricane in the tropics.

The hurricane’s core moved across northern St Vincent and the Grenadines, still recovering from April 2021’s eruption of La Soufriere. Torrential rainfall remobilized La Soufriere’s ash, causing lahars across La Soufriere’s Orange and Red hazard zones. Power outages, roof damage, downed trees, and power lines were reported across the island. When contacted for comment, Prime Minister Ralph Gonzalves said they have not been able to conduct initial assessments yesterday afternoon. The country remained under a tropical storm warning until 6 PM yesterday.

St Lucia and Martinique, which faced tropical storm and hurricane-force winds and gusts, also sustained significant wind damage across both islands. While still conducting assessments late yesterday, St Lucia’s National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) said there have been numerous reports of roof damage, loss of electricity, and telephone services.

Flash flooding, wind damage, and landslides lashed Grenada and its dependencies, Dominica, Martinique, and Guadeloupe.

Hurricane Elsa continues to move west-northwest in the Caribbean Sea, now aiming at the Greater Antilles.

Both hurricane and tropical storm watches and warnings are in effect for several countries, including Jamaica which is under a hurricane warning.