Opposition MP Roodal Moonilal

Opposition MP Dr Roodal Moonilal says the wire transfer matter linking Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to A&V Drilling Company is far from over.

This is because Moonilal says it is still the subject of an investigation by the Fraud Squad although Police Commissioner Gary Griffith disclosed yesterday that the T&T Police Service (TTPS) had closed the case.

At yesterday’s TTPS’ weekly press briefing Griffith said the case had been closed for now as after seeking the assistance of stakeholders in the Financial Intelligence Unit and foreign investigation units, the TTPS could not find evidence to prove Moonilal’s claim.

During his contribution to the 2018 budget debate, Moonilal had claimed to have documents that allegedly linked Rowley to a bank transaction in Florida that involved the AV Drilling company.

Rowley denied Moonilal’s claim the, describing it as a “monstrous lie” and referred the matter to the police for a probe. The PM also took legal action against Moonilal for his statements.

Contacted yesterday, however, Moonilal said at no time did he raise in Parliament an issue of a “bank account” which the police investigated, discovered to be untrue and closed the case.

“I had never raised an issue of a bank account, he (Rowley) did and I think he reported himself to the police.”

Moonilal said what he raised and reported to the Fraud Squad was an issue involving a wire transfer, which is still under investigation. He said the wire transfer was linked to lawyer David Goldberg in Washington DC.

“And to my knowledge, the Fraud Squad is still investigating that because they are in touch with me. The Fraud Squad investigation is still ongoing on a wire transfer matter, not a bank account matter,” he said, adding he had communicated with the head of the Fraud Squad last month.

“I am actually called upon to sign a statement as we speak from the Fraud Squad,” he said.

“I can meet Fraud Squad at the office of my lawyer Israel Khan and I am prepared to sign. But my part of it is far from over.”

He said the police will have to use the Mutual Treaty Assistance legislation regarding the wire transfer matter.

Regarding the Cambridge Analytica case, which the police also said yesterday had been closed, Moonilal said this “speaks volumes” because “the PNM made it a platform issue for four and a half years to distract from their incompetence.”

He said the Joint Select Committee on National Security spent taxpayers’ money and Parliamentary time to address the issue which has now backfired on the Government.

“This is disturbing. It was a complete witchhunt and they did not find a witch. The PNM was able to fool intelligent people,” he said, adding the UNC was now vindicated.