There has been a slight uptick in children contracting COVID-19.    

That’s according to Principal Medical Officer Dr Maryam Abdool-Richards who at the Prime Minister’s COVID-19 press conference this afternoon said some are very ill.   

“There are currently three severely ill children that are hospitalised,” Abdool-Richards said.   

She said this is a new development they have noticed and these cases are particularly in the South West Regional Health Authority. Dr Richards said 49 new cases have been recorded in the last week and there has been a three to one trend where for every one person recovering there are three people who are severely ill.   

 “The overall percentage occupancy of the Parallel Healthcare System is 40 per cent and this has been a consistent trend that we have noted from July 15 onwards,” she said   

On Thursday this country received over 300,000 Pfizer vaccines from the US, it’s the first tranche of the donated of 908,000 doses.  

These vaccines are set to inoculate secondary school students 12 years and over from as early as next week. 

“The onus is on each and every one of us to take up our vaccines and today we the health team appeal especially on behalf of children in this country,” Dr Richards said.   

Reporter: Carisa Lee