Please allow me to comment on the infinite wisdom of our President. In her infinite wisdom, she cancelled the National Awards Ceremony to prevent escalation of the spread of the virus, although the gathering would have been very small and all health protocols would have been followed.

She could not have risked the death of a single national, should a single miss-step should happen, even though this is one of the most important events of our blessed nation.

Compare this to the finite wisdom of a group of people who arranged a country wide national election, where over 600,000 participated in enclosed voting areas without masks although, we were warned by the medical scientists that the second wave of infections was not far away.

In their finite wisdom they thought that it was good strategy to ride the successful control of the past three months and nothing will happen.

Just two days after the election we saw that the second wave turned to a second tsunami and now we are moving from one per week infection,pre election, to hundreds per week and we are fast running out of beds and testing kits.

Notice that the election turn out was lower than previous elections because many nationals, especially older ones, listened to the sound advice the medical professionals and kept away from the crowded voting booths.

While it was a good strategy for politicians to ride the initial wave of good COVID control, we, the population must now face the “stragedy” (a coined word) of daily deaths of our loved ones and severe restrictions of our movements.

Not withstanding the deaths and restrictions, the economy that was already in a downward trend will continue to go down, with many job losses and hardship.

One bright spot to be commended is the devoted performance and commitment by all health professionals, from the top to the lower ranks.

The safety of our nation is now fully in their hands and we must cooperate with all protocols enunciated by the CMO.

La Romain