An inquest has been ordered into the death of truck driver Densley Ramjattan, who was involved in an altercation with a coastguard officer in Penal.

The 40-year-old coastguard officer, who was detained since the incident on Sunday, was released from police custody on Wednesday night.

This follows an autopsy at the Forensic Science Centre on Wednesday, which revealed that Ramjattan died from blunt force trauma to the head consistent with a fall.  The incident took place around 9:45 pm after the coastguard officer, Ramjattan and other family members returned to the coastguard officer’s home at Clarke Road, Penal.  They had spent the day at a beach in Toco.

Initial police reports stated that 50-year-old Ramjattan was intoxicated.  He reportedly left and returned about 45 minutes later to take his wife home. Investigators were told that he was cursing and making threats. His wife, however, refused to go with him because he was drunk.

The police report stated that the coastguard officer got up and went to the side of his house where he confronted Ramjattan.  During an altercation, the coastguard officer allegedly hit him. Ramjattan reportedly fell and struck his head on the concrete ground. He died there.

Based on the autopsy findings, Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Joan Honore-Paul ordered an inquest and instructed the police to release the coastguard officer.

Ramjattan, of Satnarine Trace, Clarke Road, Penal, had two adult children and a stepdaughter.