Paddy International - Alexey, Mad Russian, Anthony at Notting hill Carnival

Local rideshare app TTRideshare has secured a partnership with a group of foreign DJs who have been working at various fetes for the Carnival season.

The DJs, attached to New York-based Firebrand Entertainment, have teamed up with TTRS to transport them during the Carnival season.

“With this international appeal from our brand and DJs, TTRS has become our official sponsor for the upcoming Trinidad Carnival season. With our DJs playing at top events for Carnival and lots of their international fans coming from abroad (Europe, Americas), We believe this is a perfect partnership for us. TTRS is known for its safety and reliability in regards to the professionalism of its drivers and the safety of the ride in general,” said Alexey Ilyusha of Firebrand International.

The three DJs are the Mad Russian, Firebrand’s headline act, DJ Melody of the Czech Republic and Trinidad born US-based Paddy International.

The trio have played in Carnivals across the world, with Russian expected to take the road with Lost Tribe and Rogue this Carnival season.

Ilyusha formed the entertainment company alongside Trinidadian Anthony Valley. The group aims to market cultural diversity around the world.

“We manage on behalf of global musical talents who bring the beauty of music to life and who transcend international borders of the ever globalizing world,” Ilyusha said.

TTRS officially became operational in June 2018 following Uber’s decision to pause operations in Trinidad and Tobago.

The app is now the most commonly used Ride Share app in Trinidad and Tobago.