Dr Mohammed Irfaan Ali, presidential candidate of the PPP/Civic in the Guyana elections, has been declared President-Elect of Guyana.

The presidential candidate for the main opposition People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, was on Sunday declared president elect of Guyana.

In addition, following the declaration by Chairperson of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Retired Justice Claudette Singh, Dr Ali was sworn in as the new President of Guyana. 

Initial reports are that the following posts have been confirmed and sworn:

■  Prime Minister – Mark Phillips

■  Vice President – Bharrat Jagdeo

■  Attorney General – Anil Nandlall

■  Minister of Parliamentary Affairs – Gail Teixeira

A full Cabinet is expected to be sworn in before the end of the week, in addition to the official inauguration of the new government.

40-year-old Irfaan Ali is a former Minister of Housing under the previous PPP/C administration. He was elected presidential candidate of the PPP/C in January 2019.

Earlier on Sunday, Retired Justice Claudette Singh declared the election in favour of the PPP/C after she received the report from GECOM CEO, Keith Lowenfield.

The report of the CEO was based on the data from the National Recount. The Peoples Progressive Party/Civic(PPP/C) obtained 33 seats while A Partnership for National Unity +Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) coalition obtained 31 seats. The small parties also picked-up a seat.

Lowenfield in his report stated that he does not believe that the declaration reflects the will of the people. This, he said, was based on the number anomalies which came out in the recount process.

In the declaration of the election, the GECOM Chairman stated that  article 177 (2) of the Constitution (states) that where there are two or more presidential candidates, if more votes are cast in favour of the list in which a person is designated as presidential candidate than in favour of any other list, that presidential candidate shall be deemed to be elected president  and shall so be declared by the Chairman of the Election Commission, acting only in accordance with the advice of the Chief Election Officer, after the advice has been tendered to the Elections Commission at a duly summoned meeting.

“Whereas the list of candidates of the PPP/C for election of members to the National Assembly held on March 2, 2020, pursuant to article 60 (2) of the Constitution, designated Mohamed Irfaan Ali, as the presidential candidate for the said election – and whereas more votes were cast in favor of the list of the PPP/C than in favor of the list of any other party contesting the election of members of the National Assembly held pursuant to article 60(2) of the Constitution; now therefore, in accordance with the provisions of article 177(2), I do hereby declare that Mohamed Irfaan Ali, the presidential candidate designated in the list of the PPP/C, has been elected president of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.”