Inshan Ishmael

Businessman Inshan Ishmael is gearing up to contest the St Augustine seat as an independent candidate, as he called on constituents to reject United National Congress (UNC) candidate Khadijah Ameen who he described as a non-performer.

Should Ishmael win the UNC safe seat, he promised to donate 50 per cent of his earnings “back into the constituency” to help the poor and needy.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Ishmael promised to contest the August 10 polls once Ameen is selected.

Yesterday, Ishmael posted a video on social media, stating that he already has a voting symbol in mind – an upward arrow – that voters can easily identify and put their X next to in the August 10 General Elections.

He pleaded with constituents to throw their support behind him.

Ishmael said Ameen never delivered as councillor and chairman of the Tunapuna Piarco Regional Corporation (TPRC) and for her to contest this constituency was a poor choice by the party.

For a decade, Ishmael said constituents suffered for proper representation under MP Prakash Ramadhar.

“And like these politicians don’t care, they tell you take that and hard luck. Nah, no way. I am going to rally the people of St Augustine. This is one constituency is going to answer back. We do not want Khadijah Ameen.”

Ishmael said it was time people let their voices be heard.

“For those of you in St Augustine, I want you to raise your voices and let us reject Khadijah…from the onset. Get rid of her.”

He said the road and drains in Bamboo Settlement were “done” through his intervention.

Ishmael said he never wanted to get involved in politics but Kamla Persad-Bissessar pushed him by “throwing Khadijah in our area to insult the people of St Augustine.”

In response to Ishmael’s challenge, Ameen said: “May the best person win.”

She said her work as chairman of the TPRC was there to show but more needs to be done.

Ameen said the people of St Augustine have her full commitment.