Antigua and Barbuda will host the much-anticipated Island Cup Open (ISCO), an inaugural Championship Football Tournament commencing July 15 and ending on August 13, 2022.   

ISCO’s Chairman/CFO Mr. Chris Anderson-Joyeau, and CEO/Commissioner Mr. Paul Mohamed met with Minister of Tourism & Investment, the Hon. Minister Charles H. Fernandez and the Minister for Education, Sports and the Creative Arts, Hon. Daryll Matthew in St. John’s Antigua recently to announce the start of the tournament, “This is a great opportunity for ISCO, as well as the people of Antigua and Barbuda, and most importantly the footballers and fans of the Caribbean,” said CEO /Commissioner Paul Mohamed, the Cardiff City based attorney.

The Sir Vivian Richards Stadium will be used as the venue for the tournament. Eight teams will participate including the Combined Islands Sharks franchise, which is based in Antigua for a one-month pre-season training camp.

“There is so much more to ISCO than just football. We will fuse football with entertainment for all live games, providing some of the leading entertainers of the world, not to mention the caliber of International players and coaches who will be a part of this tournament,” added Mohamed.

The ISCO delegation also held discussions with Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister, the Honourable Gaston A. Browne and Deputy Prime Minister/Attorney General, the Honourable Steadroy C.O. Benjamin, on the issue of constructing a new football 20,000 seat Stadium, a hotel and other real estate investments in Antigua.

ISCO will officially launch on May 21st in Antigua with a Game of Legends event, which will include the British Royals Legends team VS a Rest of the World Stars featuring recently retired football players.  Some of the most popular international music artists of the new era will all be a part of the ISCO FETE FEST. This year will see the ISCO tournament hosted only in Antigua with one (1) Cup Championship entitled as the PLAY 4 Championship, carrying a cash prize of $1 M Euro to the winner.

To date, ISCO has confirmed the following eight franchises for participation in 2022: AFRICA Ubuntu, BRAZIL Samba Warriors, BRITISH Royals, COMBINED ISLANDS Sharks, COLOMBIA Tapirs, FC EUROPA Union, ASIA Dragonaires and the TnT Soca Rivals.

Sir Viv Richards has officially been appointed as Ambassador of the COMBINED ISLANDS Sharks franchise, and by extension ISCO.

Chairman/CFO Anderson-Joyeau stated the tournament is committed to maintaining the necessary financial sustainability for charity ‘KICK POVERTY OUT (KPO) Campaign’.  The objective of which is to help change the lives of disadvantaged youth, their families, and communities by using football and entertainment as the catalyst.

The KICK POVERTY OUT Campaign initiative incorporates the following:

  • Meals and Nutrition at schools
  • Supply of recreational and sporting equipment for school activities, such as: football, basketball, baseball, netball, cricket, and track & field
  • ISCO Books-to-Go Support within the communities
  • Structural commitments – assisting with the building/refurbishing of Schools, Football/Sports Training Facilities; and Health Centers
  • Hosting of annual Legends All-star games in aid of hurricane victims in the Caribbean
  • Humanitarian aid for hunger, diseases, and natural disasters around the world
  • Funding of football/Soccer Scholarships from the Caribbean to the USA NCAA system.