Incumbent PNM Tobago leader Kelvin Charles, left, shakes hands with contender Tracy Celestine-Davidson, with whom he will face off in Sunday’s election run-off for the leadership of the Tobago Council. At right is Joel Jack who has asked for a recount of the ballots.

Deputy Chief Secretary Joel Jack has requested a recount of Sunday’s ballots in the PNM Tobago Council elections.

Jack received 1,066 votes, placing him third and out of the race for the run-off which will take place between incumbent Kelvin Charles and Tracy Davidson-Celestine.

The run-off, which was planned for Sunday, February 1, will not take place this coming Sunday, January 26.

Newly-elected chairman of the Tobago Council of the PNM Stanford Callender is defending Sunday’s internal elections. Several issues arose including the suspension of the counting process, causing a delay in delivering results.

However, Callender said, he was proud of the elections supervisory committee.

“Some of our opponents have described our internal elections as obnoxious and my only comment to that, the only way I could describe that, is that the person who made that comment, the only obnoxious thing was his comment. I have heard people say, opposite to the PNM, that it’s a demonstration of our inefficiency and I laughed because I said, I challenge anyone of them to attempt this exercise in any of the organisations to which they belong. So I’m proud of the work done by the Elections Supervisory Committee. I’m proud of the work done at every level of this party, our membership, the office staff, the support we got from Balisier House and I want to make it absolutely clear, that this exercise was done exclusively by the Tobago Council,” he said.

Both Charles and Davidson-Celestine said they were confident of winning.

Questioned on her plans in the event she wins the post of political leader Davidson-Celestine said she would resign her post as Ambassador to Costa Rica.

“When I win come Sunday, January 26, I will resign my position because the time is short. It’s a temporary position and I will be very present in Tobago to ensure the party is organized in a particular manner and that we can win the next set of elections- both the general election and the Tobago House of Assembly elections” she said.

With just a few days to go before the second round of voting, Charles called on his opponent, as well as party members not to bring the party into disrepute

“As we seek to persuade the members of the party, that we do not submit to the temptation to do or say anything that one, undermines the credibility of the party, two does not speak to the process fair and without fear and three, to ensure that at the end of the day what we have started here today is not compromised or jeopardized, so I urge all of us as we go into the next round and all the members, notwithstanding your preferred support, let’s do so with the required dignity, and the required decorum,” Charles said.