Former PP Minister and ex- ILP leader Jack Warner has joined those supporting Vasant Bharath for the UNC leadership.

Warner called on UNC members to support for Bharath in a recording being circulated in communities including his former Chaguanas West area and others.

Warner has been on the mend following a bout of COVID -19 in September.

He was hospitalised at the Couva Hospital for treatment and had described the experience with the illness as one he wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy.

In the message being circulated, Warner stated (to the strains of “Rocky” theme), “Dear friends, my name is Jack Warner, your former MP who you said in the past has been the best MP you ever had. Today I urge you to vote for Vasant Bharath as Political leader of the UNC .”

“And if you do that, once again, you’ll have me in your corner – I urge you to what is right for the party and the country. Today I urge you to vote for Vasant Bharath as the political leader of the UNC – I thank you.”

Warner was among those at a December 2018 Christmas function held by UNC MP Ganga Singh where a call for unity was made by UNC founder Basdeo Panday, Singh, Warner and others.

Bharath and others who support him will be speaking at a meeting on Thursday.