Mc Donald Jacobs


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It is just January 25, and the Police Service (TTPS) has already suspended 30 officers based on investigations into their conduct.

Within the last 10 days alone, acting Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob sent eight officers from a unit on leave while a probe takes place.

Jacob revealed these detail on Slam 100.5 FM Grand Slam Morning Show on Monday. However, he assured the public that the TTPS has the structures to deal with errant officers.

Following a high-speed chase on Friday, officers arrested a peer.

The errant officer was on suspension. Commenting on the issue of rogue police officers, Jacob said those who enter most specialist units must undergo drug and polygraph tests. But as time goes on, behaviours change. Therefore, there is the Professional Standards Bureau and Police Complaints Division to deal with these issues. Externally, the Police Complaints Authority provides independent investigations.

“If persons are charged, they get the interdiction. That is where they may go and face the court as the criminal matter might be before the court. We have our own tribunal within the Police Service where persons might get up to 12 days. In some instances, if they bring the Police Service into disrepute with discreditable conduct, the Commissioner of Police could, in fact, dismiss the individual,” Jacob said.

As murders continue to plague the country, the TTPS main issue is dealing with gang violence and stemming the flow of young people joining these organized crime groups. Jacob said 50 per cent of murders are gang-related, and he wants to use the Police Youth Clubs and Community Police to effect change. He is also asking Non-Governmental Organizations and Government ministries to assist.

“Within the last five years or so, we have lost over 1600 young men between the age of 15 and 29. Something must be done, and we are focusing on that area for this month.”

The TTPS seized 35 illegal firearms this month.

In 2021, it took 617 off the streets. Jacob said some of those smuggled into the country were sophisticated They included sub-machine guns, which he said are responsible for some of the double and triple murders.

But the TTPS is concerned about the use of legal firearms as well.

The Firearms Section is closed due to the ongoing audit into Firearm User Licenses (FUL) issuance.

But in the next few days, Jacob expects to deal with outstanding FUL and provisional permits issued in the latter part of 2021.

He said this would clear some of the requests that were outstanding, and then he could look at new applications.

While he said people should wait until the TTPS communicates that it will accept applications, it is open to dealing with emergency requests.

Asked about a J’Ouvert party in Sea Lots, Jacobs said he wanted to be sure that it occurred over the weekend and was not a video posted on social media of an event that happened months or years ago.

Jacobs said he did not get any report from his officers about the fete and warned that people should be careful about sharing information, asking them to verify first.

He said there are alarmists and some people who constantly try to make the country and the TTPS to look bad.