Jhaylen Edwards with some of his lettuce crop.

At seven years old, Jhaylen Edwards, from Bethel, Tobago, is already an entrepreneur and has a greenhouse called Jhaylen’s EzGrow Plantpro.

He is the pitchman for his business. On his Jhaylen “Master JJ” Edward’s Facebook page he is dancing and singing in front of a table filled with a colourful array of beautiful flowers.

He sings “Every day is a mommy party, come on into my greenhouse and buy your mom lovely flowers, treat your mom to any flowers she likes because it’s mommy time: Happy Mother’s Day” and calls out the names of the flowers he has.

All the flowers in his Jhaylen’s EzGro “Plantpro” Mother’s Day Package Make Mom Bloom with Joy by “Giving a Gift that Grows” had sold out by last Monday.

Speaking to Sunday Guardian on Wednesday Jhaylen said “I wasn’t expecting my ideas of selling exotic plants to be interesting to others, before my page was updated on Sunday half of my plants were sold to persons in my neighbourhood, and by Monday the remaining were all sold. I want to thank everyone that patronised my business.

“I am the pitchman for EzGro,” he said laughing. “I love being creative. I give my parents, my mom, Krissty Joseph and my dad, Delvert Edwards ideas of what I want to do and they just run with my ideas and make it happen,” he said as a smile spread across his face.

He said since he was younger, he always loved flowers.

“I would pick a different flower every day for my mom. When COVID-19 started my mom and I started to plant lettuce and then I started loving the idea of growing food from a seedling into a big plant and then the Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley encouraged us to plant what you eat and eat what you grow and I just wanted to plant and plant and plant.”

He said he started when he was six years old.

When asked how many plant and flower names he knew by heart, Jhaylen said a lot and with a laugh, he rolled off a few–Crown of thorns, Marigold, Chrysanthemums, China pink, Hibiscus, and Chaconia.

Jhaylen said his favourite flowers were roses and sunflowers, he loved to see them grow and bloom into beautiful flowers.

He shared that he just loved to see the plants grow and make beautiful flowers and his vegetables grow big and succulent.

Jhaylen likes that he can express himself and tell all his cousins about planting and selling. He spends time motivating his cousin Izaiah and other family members to start planting and eating healthier. He is now a role model.

When he is not in his greenhouse, the other activities that occupy his attention are online school, play, planting new crops, trying new experiments with his parents, going to the library whenever he can due to COVID-19, because his mommy is afraid of the virus so he hardly gets to go.

Jhaylen loves to read because it helps him learn new words and teaches him about the world around him. Reading, he said, has helped him with science, like making volcano experiments using vinegar and baking soda, and making salt crystals.

Jhaylen also loves taking leaves from his plants and looking at them through his microscope.

He revealed that he had been travelling from the age of three and enjoyed every country he had visited, among them Antigua, Barbados, Belgium, Germany and France.

He further explained that whenever he travelled, he learned all he could about the country, went sightseeing and ate new food, candies and snacks.

When the pandemic is over, Jayden revealed, he would like to visit Australia.

Regarding swimming, he said he loved that he can hold his breath for long periods as he glided under the water and loved running from afar and jumping into the pool. Jhaylen admitted he also likes football but he hasn’t played in a while.

The Whim Anglican Primary School Second Year pupil’s favourite subjects are Mathematics, Reading and Agriculture Science.

When asked how he would feel seeing his school friends and teachers in person after such a long time when school reopens because of COVID-19, Jhaylen replied that he cannot wait to see them, he was already excited to play, hug and have fun with all his friends, especially Janeayah, Che’, Azari, Amari, Zevin and Camelia.

With a sad face, he confessed that he missed his teachers Ms Kalifa Holder and Ms Annecia Warrick immensely and he just wanted to be outside without worrying about contracting COVID.

Jhaylen wants to be a scientist/botanist when he grows up.

His favourite food is buss up shut and chicken and his favourite dessert is ice cream he disclosed while licking his lips.

Jhaylen’s favourite television programmes are Magic School Bus, Mini Force, and Paw Patrol, and favourite music genres are gospel and soca.

He counted his parents and aunt Tamara Cowie as his role models and mentors in his various activities and hobbies.

When the young entrepreneur was asked what he will be doing for his mother on Mother’s Day today, he replied with a laugh that it was a surprise, he couldn’t tell the Sunday Guardian, as she was going to hear our conversation.

Jhaylen shared his message for mothers in T&T on their special day: “I want to tell all the beautiful mothers, grannies, aunties, have an awesome Mother’s Day.”

Krissty Joseph, Jhaylen’s mother said Delvert Edwards, his father and her most definitely encouraged him in his activities, they supported him in everything he shows interest in.

She said they ensured that his dream of owning his greenhouse became a reality.

Joseph said they liked that Jhaylen was very brave, intelligent and ambitious.

She explained their son always enjoyed research things, never took anyone’s word for granted, always saying Google was his friend. The mother explained that he would research the topic first and then get back to the person.

Joseph explained that Jhaylen was very confident in himself, he was a very caring young chap and always believed he should share, as he puts it “sharing is caring.”