UNC supporters walk the streets during the joint walkabout wiith Saddam Hosein for Barataria/San Juan and St Joseph Colonel Ahloy Hunt on Boundary Road Extension in San Juan yesterday.


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There was an almost Carnival-esque gathering along Boundary Road and Boundary extension as supporters of UNC candidates Saddam Hosein and Alhoy Hunt hosted a joint walkabout in the area yesterday.

Powered by two music trucks, scores of people followed the two candidates along the roadway during the meet and greet. Some with masks, others without. The trucks occasionally encouraged the converging groups to maintain a level of social distancing to minimal effect.

The road serves as the constituency boundary between the seats -Barataria/San Juan and St. Joseph respectively, which the two candidates are contesting.

“We’re on the boundary road which is our boundary actually. One half of the road is my one which is the western side of the road and the eastern side is colonel Alhoy Hunt. So we have seen that persons are coming out, the showing of force really is a demonstration that people of this country are fed up and that they are ready to install a United National Congress government,” said Hosein during the walkabout yesterday.

Hunt told Guardian Media that the walkabout was not put together due to the relatively short campaign time allowed due to the July 3 announcement of the August 10 poll.

“It was something that was already planned it just came about again because the election has been called so it’s just one of another tactic that we’re using and bring the people out and give a good showing that both constituencies are united for one common cause,” said Hunt.

The two seats are traditionally considered marginal seats with the Barataria/San Juan constituency decided by a margin of 550 votes in 2015.