Derek Achong

A High Court Judge has granted an injunction blocking some members of a family, who are locked in a property battle with their relatives, from revealing details of the case on social media.

Justice Devindra Rampersad issued the injunction on Saturday night after the family members sought an emergency hearing when they noticed a post on Facebook group “Know Your Rights T&T”, which revealed intimate details of the case and attributed comments to Rampersad.

Under the injunction, the claimants in the case were restrained from contacting the administrators of the page to make further posts. Rampersad also directed that his order be posted in the comments section of the offensive post.

Guardian Media understands that the defendant’s attorneys complied, but the post and comments were subsequently removed.

As part of his decision, Rampersad ordered the claimants to file evidence on whether they had disclosed the information to the administrators of the page.

Rampersad also ordered that the case file be sealed for the remainder of the case.

The defendants, who obtained the injunction, were represented by Alvin Pariagsingh.