In a press release issued this afternoon, the Judiciary apologised for a leak in a container being used at the Maximum Security Prison for video conferencing.

The following is a press release from The Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago:

The Judiciary is indeed sorry that the heavy rains resulted in a leak in one of the containers at the Maximum Security Prison (MSP) that houses a Video Conferencing Centre.

Investigations showed that a tiny hole in one of the containers produced this unfortunate situation. It has since been sealed. The Judiciary has never presumed that a containerised solution would be either permanent or optimum.

It most definitely is not! It has realised though that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed us all in a position in which we are less than comfortable or optimum. We are grateful that due to the work which had been ongoing, we were able to put in place solutions as quickly as we were.

We have however recognised that in this unique crisis situation the legal profession, inclusive of its judicial wing, has a grave responsibility to the country to play a most critical and essential role in human rights.

For this reason we accept some measure of temporary discomfort as we try our best to ensure that services are provided to the people of our nation