Opposition Leader Kamla Persad- Bissessar SC MP.

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar has accused Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley of lying to the nation.

The Opposition Leader issued a statement after today’s COVID news conference which the prime minister addressed:

“Keith Rowley has today admitted before the nation that he has been lying and misleading the country, for months now. His outright lying since last year has cost this country hundreds of innocent lives, while he blamed citizens themselves for his own failure.

Only after outraging the whole country and exposing his lies and cruelty has Keith Rowley now been forced to openly admit that (1) we do not have enough vaccines, (2) that we are not sure when we are getting more vaccines, and (3) that we must live with this sad reality.

Rowley presented no plan, admitted to a BIG LIE about vaccines, claimed our country is better off than the countries that are actually donating vaccines to us and presented no hope to our citizens.

Most dangerously, he clearly is not going to make any real changes that are necessary to save lives. He is keeping the same failed medical team now turned propaganda team of Deyalsingh, Parasram, Abdool Richards, Hinds and Trotman. These people have been in charge for over 15 months and led us into this disaster of over 600 deaths. Continuing with them in charge is deadly, and amounts to premeditated, state-sanctioned murder.

Rowley’s incompetence has officially made him delusional. Everything he said last week he came back and debunked today. He compares us to Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere! Does he say we have the best vaccination process in CARICOM or the world? Madness is defined by the inability to recognize reality; this is clearly his permanent state of being right now.

It is atrocious that the Government and their personnel continue to use “it could be worse” or “it is improving” as their defence when the fact remains that cases continue by the hundreds each day while hundreds have died.

Rowley must realize that as we continue to lose lives on a daily basis, as business and livelihoods are destroyed and worse, as innocent elderly citizens may have been infected at that sham of a rollout, the seeds of civil unrest are being planted and watered.

Hundreds of thousands of people are without work, unable to provide food for their families, unable to pay bills, or unable to pay their rents. A virus of poverty is also sweeping our nation with no plan in place to resuscitate our economy. Rowley must accept help from stakeholders and make changes to his failed team. We cannot have a 1990 repeat.”