To all our SEA students, the fact that you have endured despite all the challenges to get to this day and finally sit the SEA exam speaks volumes.

With COVID-19 placing uncertainties at times in your mind, that is now behind you and you are still standing.

This is just another step in your educational life, please do not treat it as if it is a death sentence just do your best and keep the faith at all times.

Your entire life is still ahead of you and SEA is only one step when it comes to our education system in Trinidad and Tobago.

To all those parents who have been there with their children through thick and thin, please do not allow anxiety to get the better of you. Just give those winners all your support and love.

This is what is needed in these challenging times.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, celebrations cannot be as in years gone by, but you must still find a way to celebrate the closing of this chapter of their lives.

There are still many other educational mountains to climb, but with your help parents, your children’s persistence, and God’s strength they will make it.

Remember students you are all not the same find out your place in the world and do what is necessary to become all that you were meant to be.

Parents you must now support them and you also must keep the faith. Every one of you is a winner let no want tell you differently.

Blessings to the future nation builders of T&T the best is yet to come.