The restored Red House.

If you are thinking about having a Red House wedding, you would only be able to invite just six guests or witnesses for your big day.

A statement from the Red House, which is the Office of the Parliament, explained that marriages being conducted there will be limited to a total of eight people only as part of the wedding party.

In the statement issued yesterday, the corporate communication department said, “ the Office of the Parliament is now open to facilitating those members of the public who wish to be married at the Red House”.

However, it stressed that the Red House is primarily a place of business traversed by Members of the House of Representatives, the Senate and the staff of the Parliament, and as such “marriage parties will be kept to a maximum of eight persons (excluding the Marriage Officer).

This means that aside from the bride and groom, six other persons will be allowed to attend the wedding.

And it said the marriages would be held on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays in collaboration with the Registrar General’s Office.

Meanwhile, the statement said the Red House is also open to members of the public who wish to come in to view Sittings of the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as public Committee meetings.

The statement said the Rotunda has traditionally been a space where persons traversed from Abercromby Street to St Vincent Street and it will be fashioned into an Art Gallery where the works of up and coming as well as prominent local artists will be showcased.

In fact, according to the statement, the first exhibition will be of Carnival artworks, while public tours of the House and Senate Chambers will begin soon.