Kes and Iwer George perform ‘Stage Gone Bad’ during the show.

Soca artiste, Kees Dieffenthaller isn’t focused on this year’s Road March title.

For the second consecutive year, Dieffenthaller has a song fighting for the title. Last year the artiste’s ‘Savannah Grass’ won the hearts of many and was believed to be the one which would earn him his first Road March title. However, Skinny Fabulous’ (Gamal Doyle) collaboration with Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin (Ian Al­varez), ‘Famalay’ emerged victoriously.

This year the artiste is once again one of the forerunners for the title with his song “Stage Gone Bad”, a collaboration with Iwer George. However, just like last year, it’s not running unopposed as Machel Montano’s collaboration with Skinny fabulous and Iwer George “Conch Shell” is also a contender.

“To me, the song supposed to be just fun. And once people enjoying it and having a great time with it – that’s a win for me you know?” Dieffenthaller told Guardian Media in an interview in his dressing room following his on the Rocks Concert on Tuesday night themed “The rhythm of Life.”

At the time of writing, “Stage Gone Bad” which was released on January 23 on the channel JulianspromosTV had 529,931 views while the “Conch Shell” music video which was released on Tuesday had 85,743 views on Youtube.

Meanwhile, Dieffenthellar indicated that this year’s show being held at the Queen’s Park Savannah “is really the begin of another chapter of Tuesday on the Rocks.”

Last year the concert was moved out of O2 Park where it began and to the Queen’s Park Oval. However, there were concerns raised by patrons over the venue.

Guardian Media Spoke to patrons at Tuesday night’s event who were more satisfied with the new choice, however, they indicated that more space was necessary. This would have become quickly apparent to patrons who needed to navigate through the thousands of people at the sold-out show. One person indicated they “barely have space to wine.”

Dieffenthellar, however, indicated that there was the possibility of further development at the location.

“I love the venue and I think it’s something that can grow and it’s something that can develop and it’s the centre- it’s the heartbeat. It’s really and truly a historic place. It would’ve been great even last year with the Savannah Grass but you know sometimes everything comes as it should,” he said.