Prime Minister-designate Dr Keith Rowley shows his ink-stained finger after voting at the International School, Westmoorings, on Monday.

Gail Alexander

Both the People’s National Movement and United National Congress’ votes in safe seats dropped in Monday’s General Election – including in the seats held by PNM leader Dr Keith Rowley and UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

This is revealed in a comparison of the 2015 General Election results and the preliminary results given by the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) on Monday’s General Election.

Following is the breakdown of the 2015 and 2020 voting numbers:

* In 2015, Rowley got 12,855 votes competing against five opponents in the Diego Martin West constituency. He got 10,791 on Monday against three opponents. UNC’s candidate Marsha Walker got 2, 569 votes.

* In 2015, PNM’s Colm Imbert won Diego Martin North East with 2,015 votes against two opponents. On Monday, Imbert got 10, 218 against the UNC’s 2,827

* In 2015, PNM’s former Diego Martin Central MP Darryl Smith won with 13,528 votes. On Monday, PNM’s Symon de Nobrega got 10,627.

* In San Fernando West, PNM’s Faris Al-Rawi won in 2015 with 10,112 votes to UNC Razia Ahmed’s 6, 802. On Monday, Al-Rawi held it with 8,457 to UNC Sean Sober’s 6,651.

* In Port-of-Spain North, PNM’s Stuart Young won with 10,946 to UNC’s 2,218. On Monday, Young retained it with 9,475.

* In Laventille West, PNM’s Fitzgerald Hinds won in 2015 with 13,084 votes. On Monday, he got 9,310.

* In Laventille East/Morvant, PNM’s Adrian Leonce won in 2015 with 12,662. On Monday, Leonce won with 10,356.

* PNM’s Esmond Forde won Tunapuna in 2015 with 11,228 to UNC’s 7,613. Forde retained the seat on Monday with 9,460 to David Nakihd’s 7,532.

* In La Brea, PNM’s Nicole Ollivierre won in 2015 with 11, 558 votes. On Monday, PNM’s Steven Mc Clashie won with 9,342 to UNC’s 5,735.

* In St Joseph, PNM’s Terrence Deyalsingh won with 10, 536 to UNC Vasant Bharath’s 8,903. On Monday, Deyalsingh again won with 9,354 to Ahloy Hunt’s 8,543.

* In 2015, PNM’s Anthony Garcia won Arima with 10,979 votes. On Monday, PNM’s Penny Beckles won it with 9, 293 votes to UNC’s 3,858.

* PNM’s Camille’s Robinson Regis won Arouca Maloney in 2015 with 14, 843, which dropped to 12,697 on Monday.

* In 2015, PNM’s Glenda Jennings-Smith won with 12,005 against UNC’s Brent Sancho’s 8,101. On Monday, PNM’s Roger Munroe won with 10,698 against UNC’s Nabila Greene’s 7,313.

* In 2015, PNM’s Lovell Francis won Moruga with 10,808 to UNC’s 10,275. But on Monday, PNM’s Winston “Gypsy” Peters lost it with 9,462 to UNC’s Michelle Benjamin’s 10,534.

* In 2015, PNM’s Marlene McDonald won Port-of-Spain South with 9,843. On Monday, PNM’s Keith Scotland held it with 8,202.

* In 2015, PNM’s Randall Mitchell won San Fernando East with 11,869. On Monday, Brian Manning held it with 9,864.

* PNM’s Ayanna Webster-Roy won Tobago East in 2015 with 7,951. She won on Monday with 7,127.

* PNM’s Shamfa Cudjoe won Tobago West in 2015 with 10,608 and held it on Monday with 9,275.

* PNM’s Edmund Dillon won Point Fortin 10,813 in 2015. PNM’s Kennedy Richards won on Monday with 9,276

UNC votes down too …

In 2015, UNC leader Persad-Bissessar won Siparia with 14,896 votes to PNM’s Vidya Deokiesingh’s 4,715. On Monday, Persad-Bissessar’s votes dropped to 13,487 against PNM’s 3,855

* UNC’s Roodal Moonilal won Oropouche East in 2015 with 15,189 to the PNM’s 3,795. On Monday, Moonilal retained it with 12,737.

* UNC’s Bhoe Tewarie won Caroni Central in 2015 with 12,439 votes. On Monday, UNC’s Arnold Ram held it with 11, 511 to PNM’s 6,890.

* UNC’s Barry Padarath won Princes Town in 2015 with 12,668 and held with 11,280 on Monday.

* UNC’s Vidya Guyadeen-Gopeesingh won Oropouche West with 12,605. UNC’s Dev Tancoo held the seat on Monday with 11,535.

* In 2015, UNC’s Fazal Karim won Chaguanas East with 9,284 to PNM’s 7,860. On Monday, UNC’s Vandana Mohit won it 8,968 to PNM Clarence Rambharat’s 7,882.

* In 2015, UNC’s Ganga Singh won Chaguanas West with 17,506 to PNM’s 6,749. UNC’s Dinesh Rambally held on to the seat on Monday with 15,502.

* UNC’s Ramona Ramdial won Couva North in 2015 with 12,845. Replacement Ravi Ratiram held it with 12,633.

* In 2015, UNC’s Tim Gopeesingh won Caroni East with 13, 525 and on Monday UNC’s Rishad Seecheran won with 12,819.

* UNC’s Christine Newallo Hosein won Cumuto/Manzanilla with 11,461 in 2015. On Monday, UNC’s Rai Ragbir won it with 10,901.

* In 2015, UNC’s Fuad Khan won San Juan Barataria with 8,722. On Monday, UNC’s Saddam Hosein won it with 8,300 to the PNM’s 7,240.

* UNC’s Rushton Paray won Mayaro with 11,730 in 2015. He retained it with 10,583 on Monday.

* In 2015, COP’s Prakash Ramadhar won St Augustine with 12, 606 votes. On Monday, UNC’s Kadijah Ameen won it with 11, 943.