Keithisha Cudjoe's mother, Patrice Cudjoe, during her daughter's funeral service at Dennis's Funeral Home on Thursday 10 February 2022. (Image by AKASH SAMAROO)

“It have some animals outside there,” Patrice Cudjoe told the congregation while standing next to Keithisha Cudjoe’s casket.

At Dennis’s Funeral Home this morning, Patrice Cudjoe called for young women to use Keithisha’s death as an example.

“Young ladies, take this as a lesson, put your feet in her shoes and watch the men around you.”

Patrice Cudjoe said her daughter’s murderer has ripped out a piece of her.

“For somebody to do this, they are not a child of God.”

Her mother urged children and young adults to let their parents know what is going on in their lives.

“Children, let your parents know who are your friends. Not every skin teeth is a smile. “

Patrice Cudjoe admitted that her daughter was not a perfect child, but she possessed a smile and qualities that would lift and strengthen the people around her.

Keithisha who lived in Cocorite, was found dead at the Heights of Aripo on January 28th.

A private autopsy determined she died of blunt-force trauma to the head.