Kes entertains patrons

As the Carnival season kicks into high gear, Kees sits atop the COTT Top 20 playlist for the past two weeks, according to data provided by the Copyright Organisation of Triniad and Tobago.

The Kes the Band artist is holding down the top two spots with his 2020 contributions Boss Lady and Dear Promoter with Voice.

Also heating up the charts are Machel Montano with three entries: Play Harder, Brace and Stink Behaviour, Nadia Batson, Skinny Fabulous, Super Blue and Swappy.

This list is compiled weekly by COTT through use of the media monitoring system VERICAST which uses audio fingerprinting and tracks music usage across local radio and television stations.

The season is not without its challenges, however. As the issues of copyright music licences for the use of these and other songs has become a hot button issue.

COTT is the only Collective Management Organisation (CMO) authorised to issue licences for the use of these and thousands of other local and international songs. As indicated in the Top 20 Listing, the rightsowners to these songs have assigned to COTT the rights to collect royalties on their behalf. It means that, the licence fees paid to COTT are processed and then paid as royalties to the music creators.

John Arnold, President of COTT weighed in on the issue, “Over the past few weeks, there have been organisations claiming that they can issue DJ and Event Licences for Carnival. COTT is categorically refuting these claims.”

“These organisations do not have the authority to collect on the behalf of COTT’s members. Furthermore, when licence fees are paid to these organisations COTT members and members via reciprocal agreements do not receive any remuneration,” Arnold continued.

“Additionally, COTT’s licence does not only cover local musical works but regional music through our reciprocal agreements with Jamaica, Barbados and islands of the Eastern Caribbean. Further afield, COTT’s has agreements with international CMOs which operate in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Japan and more,” explained Arnold.

“So over the Carnival season, I’d like music users to understand that they must get a COTT Licence. Because, only a COTT licence allows you to play to the “COTT Top 20 hits” of the season as well as the biggest hits of the season. I would also like to remind members of COTT that it is in their best interest to confirm with promoters that they have obtained a COTT licence” ended Arnold.

Event promoters, DJs and Venues Owners are being encouraged to contact the Licensing Department at [email protected] or call 624-COTT in order to obtain the licence that gives remuneration to the lawful rightsowners.