Khair Foundation with its COVID relief to Muslims and non-Muslims

The Khair Foundation supported by the Islamic Development Bank is expected to launch the second phase of its “COVID-19 Relief Project” next week.

The distribution of free medication will begin on March 8.

According to Khair’s Imtiaz Mohammed, this free distribution of medication is only for those who cannot afford to purchase their medication.

He added that over the weekend foundation members packaged the medication supplies to be distributed to 20 doctors.

“The doctors would then be responsible to distribute it to those who qualify for receiving it, meaning those who cannot afford to purchase their medication,” Mohammed said.

On Friday 1,000 food hampers were delivered to those families, who have been hit by hard times during the current COVID-19 pandemic, throughout Trinidad.

The charitable gesture resumed last Thursday with the packaging of the food hampers.

The food hampers were distributed mainly to approximately 25 Jamaahs throughout Trinidad for Muslims and non-Muslims.

This would now take the total number of Jamaahs that received food hampers from this project to 50, including Tobago.

Friday’s 1,000 food hampers took the total number of hampers supplied to date to 4,500.

Khair Foundation and the Islamic Development Bank have budgeted for 5,000 food hampers in this project, according to Mohammed.

“So we have a balance of 500 to supply,” Mohammed said.

He disclosed that the second phase of the “COVID-19 Relief Project” entails the free distribution of medication for those in need.

“This medical distribution has been delayed due to the late supply of some of the medication. We will continue to update you on this matter,” Mohammed said.

The project was launched on December 10, 2020, valued at $1.6 million with funding coming mainly from the Islamic Development Bank and is expected to come to a close in March this year.

Anyone wishing to receive medical assistance can contact Imtiaz Mohammed at 680-3460.

Medications will be available while stock lasts for these specific conditions.

1. Acid reflux

2. Ulcers

3. Pain killers

4. Antibiotics (adults & children)

5. Cough & cold

6. Cholesterol

7. Hypertension

8. Diabetes

9. Gastroenteritis

10. Skin ailments

11. Sexual transmission diseases

12. Asthma

13. Prostate enlargement

14. Antidepressant

15. Epilepsy

16. Parkinson disease

17. Glaucoma

18. Heart disease