UNC Senator Anil Roberts during the debate.

UNC Senator Anil Roberts committed a most egregious contempt of the Senate with his recent utterances on his social media broadcast.

That was the pronouncement yesterday from Government Senate leader Franklin Khan, who called for Roberts to be brought before Parliament’s Privileges team. That matter was being deliberated upon yesterday.

The matter concerned certain public statements by Roberts, following last Tuesday’s ruling by Senate President Christine Kangaloo that Roberts leave that sitting.

Khan added, “The specific statements attributed to Senator Roberts were delivered in two episodes of his show ‘Douglar Politics’, broadcast on February 23 and February 26.”

He noted the show was carried on various social media .

Khan said Roberts used satirical subtext to allege that in the discharge of her duties, Senate President Kangaloo was biased towards him. It was noted Roberts referred to himself as “booming voice” and the Senate, as a “Kangaroo Court”.

“While this may appear to some as harmless comedy, it is not. It is in fact a dangerous pattern of conduct on the part of this Member that threatens this institution of democracy. This esteemed Senate functions on the basis of well-established rules, procedure and precedent, and if anyone of us wishes, there are respectable and dignified ways to challenge the rules of this Senate and the decision of the Chair of this House,” he added.

“ In his disturbing and outrageous reflection on the Senate, Senator Roberts has therefore brought the Senate as a whole into public ridicule.”

Khan noted Robert’s utterances are also in direct contravention of a previous ruling to members and Roberts in particular on a similar matter .

He said Roberts, as a former parliamentarian, knows better.