One of the suspects in the kidnapping of Andrea Bharatt is dead.

According to police, Andrew Morris, 35, died on Monday night at the Arima Hospital.

Police said in a statement that members of the Special Operations Response Team (TEAM) went to Morris’ Tumpuna Road, Arima home around 3.30 am on January 31 – two days after Bharatt was kidnapped.

They say when they got to Morris’ home and he was told why they were there, he began to behave violently and fell during his struggle with officers who were trying to arrest him.

Police say they eventually subdued Morris and his wife was allowed to put clothing on him.

When he was offered medical attention, police say Morris replied, “I is a big man, I good.”

He was taken into custody but the report said he refused the meals of lunch and dinner that were offered to him throughout the day, only accepting juice and water.

“Morris was offered to see a doctor at the hospital again during the day, however he again refused stating that he was ok. He was allowed to use the toilet and washroom facility,” the police statement said.

The police statement said Morris needed to be taken to a hospital for a medical report before he could be held in custody at a police station.

He was taken to the Arima Hospital at 10 pm on January 31, some six hours after he was arrested.

The officers who were injured trying to arrest him were also taken to the hospital.

The statement said while seated in a chair and receiving medical attention at the hospital, Morris fell over.

“He later went to another room to give a urine sample and again fell and had to be assisted. He was subsequently taken to the emergency room for treatment where he was pronounced dead around 12:45 am on February 1st,” the release stated.

Police said they were told Morris was hypertensive and diabetic.