Fire victim Toola Odai, 64, stands in the rubble that once was his home at Sobo Village Extension, La Brea.

A kerosene lamp is believed to have been the cause of a fire that completely destroyed the La Brea home of a 64-year-old man on Saturday.

Neighbours of Toola Odai have since given him temporary lodging and meals, but he needs help to rebuild his home.

The one-bedroom wooden structure at Sobo Village Extension had been his home for more than 25 years. It was not outfitted with electricity.

Odai receives public assistance due to a mental disorder.

He recalled that around 6 pm he left the lamp burning and went to purchase some snacks and a beverage at a nearby parlour.

“When I coming up I see the house on fire. I had a lamp on in the corner of the house. I use that lamp all the time because the place does be dark. I don’t know if anything throw down the lamp or something,” he said.

He lost his clothes, bed, gas tank, stove, brush cutter, power saw, generator and engine parts he had for someone. He would be celebrating his birthday on December 24 and he is hoping by then he would have rebuilt his home.

“I need some help if someone could just help me build back my place and help me get back the things that I lost. I don’t have nothing right now. I really need the help.”

Leander Williams, a neighbour, made an appeal on his behalf. “If any help could be rendered to him we would be grateful. He is not a menace in the community. He getting a meal by me and a shelter by the neighbour but he needs his own place. He needs a comfortable place. It would be better for him and his condition,” she said.

Anyone willing to assist him could contact 722-4274.