La Horquetta residents during Tuesday's protest over the raid at the DSS Sou Sou.


Hours after police shut down this country’s largest ‘sou sou’ group, seizing millions of dollars and arresting nine people, a large crowd has gathered outside of the La Horquetta Police Station to protest the police action.

Around 11.30 am today, police raided the business place of Drugs Sou Sou (DSS) in Phase One, La Horquetta. Several hours later, police took the nine people who arrested and the money to the La Horquetta Police Station.

Guardian Media understands that a large group of DSS members followed the police to the station.

One man who was involved in the protest told Guardian Media that the group chanted “Great is DSS” as they marched.

He described the police action as victimization.

He said it was a means of keeping poor people oppressed.

“This is the second time they have come at this guy…he is empowering the poor and black people, once they shut this down there will be a great fallout in La Horquetta. The Commissioner knows they have to give back this money, I think it is even beyond him that these instructions coming from right now,” the man said.

He said he has invested $50,000 in DSS.

“That is my legitimate funds and in this day and age, I am going to fight tooth and nail to get back my money. How is it their problem with what I decide to do with my money? That is mine!” he said.

He said the head of the group came out of the police station around 6.30 pm and informed those gathered that his attorneys were at the station and had accounted for all the money.