There was a large turnout at this funeral today at the Plymouth Public Cemetery (Image: LOYSE VINCENT)

Mourners at a funeral at the Plymouth Public Cemetery on Monday failed to heed the government’s warning about social distancing and congregated at the burial ground.

Those gathered could be seen singing, clapping and praying as they bade farewell to dead, oblivious to the health authority’s warning that they should be in groups with no larger than 10 persons.

Meanwhile, for some it was business as usual, but for others that was not the case.

One drug store in Scarborough, Tobago Pharmacy, was opened for business. However, patrons were not allowed inside and served through a burglar-proofing at the entrance.

This Tobago pharmacy stayed open but opted to serve customers through the gate. (Image: LOYSE VINCENT)

To date, there are no recorded COVID-19 positive cases in Tobago.

Sixty-two T&T nationals currently are quarantined on the island; two of those persons fell ill.

On March 23, the Division of Health, Wellness, and Family Development announced that it is awaiting the results from the two tests.

In a release, it said the other 60 persons are kept in isolated rooms, fed three times a day and undergo medical check-ups twice daily.

Story and photos by LOYSE VINCENT