Residents of Las Lomas No 3 demonstrate on the dilapidated bridge on Thursday.

Las Lomas farmers are demanding that Government do some form of repair to a dilapidated wooden bridge at Esperaza Trace.

On Thursday evening, residents and farmers in the community demonstrated in the area.

Councillor for Las Lomas/San Raphael on the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation Balmatie Gosine said with the onset of COVID-19 in T&T food shortages will probably take place and consumers would put a higher demand on locally grown produce.

Gosyne said the dilapidated bridge puts a strain on farmers since their vehicles cannot cross because the bridge has a limit of three tonnes.

She said the 15-plus farmers working on 50 acres of land have to offload their goods on the northern side of the bridge then pay to have it offloaded and manually carried across to another truck.

Gosyne said during the rainy season the rotted planks on the bridge float off the bridge and are sometimes washed away.

She said the agriculture sector must be strengthened before the spread of COVID-19. She said the CTTRC is unable to undertake any repairs because of a lack of funding.

She said councillors have been each given only $28,000 for road repairs which she said is far from enough to even repair one of the 50 roads in her electoral area.

Goysne made an appeal for the Ministers of Agriculture and Works to assist. Resident Joey Mc David said he remembers crossing the bridge with water to the level of his neck.