Joel Balcon - Main suspect in the murder of Andrea Bharatt

The Law Association of T&T (LATT) said it has taken note of a report yesterday of the existence of a video recording of the initial arrest of murder suspect Andrew Morris which describes his brutal interrogation by heavily armed members of SORT who kicked him over his head and body while he lay on the ground, with one officer striking him on his back with a flat object.

The association said it also noted an autopsy report prepared by Prof. Hubert Daisley who recorded that “there were multiple injuries of blunt force trauma covering most of the anterior chest wall, the abdomen and posterior chest/back, both upper limbs and lower limbs.”

The association said, “Prof. Daisley is said to have concluded that Mr. Morris died from severe blunt force trauma to his chest, abdomen, limbs and skull”, and that the injuries sustained to his skull were fatal. These reports put into question the accuracy of the explanation given by the police for Mr. Morris’ death in police custody, that he fell off a chair, and give rise to the obvious need for the institution of a prompt, thorough and independent criminal investigation into the possible homicide of Mr. Morris.”

Tthe association said these reports also give rise to concern over the circumstances in which Joel Balcon also met his death in police custody.

The statement said: “The association has noted the involvement of foreign police personnel in the recently concluded investigation into the DSS fiasco. Seeking outside help in those circumstances was no doubt appropriate given the alleged involvement of police officers in the scheme.”

It said the circumstances surrounding the death of Morris also call for outside, regional assistance in order that any concerns of a cover up may be avoided.

The association also called on the Minister of National Security and the Director of Public Prosecutions to do all within the remit of their respective offices to ensure that a thorough and independent investigation is promptly carried out into the deaths of Morris and Balcon.